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Project Friendly Quiz
Type Trivia Quiz App
Platform iOS, Android, Windows Phone
Team 8 Students total (2 for iOS)
Background Epitech Final Master Project (France)
Role iOS developer, Webmaster & Artistic Director
Inspiration Trivial Pursuit, IRC Quiz bots
Language Swift & Objective-C
Design Pattern Model View Controller, Facade (API)
Year 2014
Repository Private

Trivia Quiz

The game is shown playing at speed 8x

Friendly Quiz is a cross platform (iOS, Android & Windows Phone) real time trivia quiz application. In this real time quiz the fastest player will score the most.

FriendlyQuiz aims at a large public, therefore a lot of different questions and categories are available. The four default categories are movie, sports, music & video games.

Players can compete to put their name on the leader board, to unlock the best titles or just to improve their knowledge.

The application contains unlockable content trough in-app money such as:

The in-app money can purchased or collected at the end of each quiz set if the player ranks as one of the 3 best players.


As a large team (8 students) we had to divide the work and choose the technologies early. We decided to form 4 pairs as follow:

The next step was to design the architecture (pictured below). One critical point was to reduce the in-game latency while being able to scale. That is the reason why we decided to build two different servers, one game server (NodeJS) with TCP connections and one general purpose server (website hosting, API) running Python.

A diagram of the three stages of the code: Development, Server & Client


The game is shown playing at speed 8x

Part of our mission with Friendly Quiz was to gather as much players as possible. With the help of Microsoft's accelerator program and various publications on blogs (Presse Citron, LiveTile, WindowsGeneration) we could gather our first players.

Another way of getting new players to join FriendlyQuiz was to showcase the application at forums such as App days or EIP Forum. From there, word to mouth would bring more and more players.

Last but not least, one innovative way of getting people to know about Friendly Quiz was to create a Twitter bot that fetches the same questions the application uses. This way, twitter users could have a taste of Friendly Quiz without installing the application.

We were overwhelmed by the public reception with a total of 4000 registered players two months after launch.

Gameplay (Beta Automatic Play)

Friendly Quiz team members are now working on other projects, thereby the game servers have been halted (Summer of 2015).