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Project Full Stack Web Development
Team 1 Developer
Region Paris (France) & Seoul (South Korea)
Role Full Stack Developer
Language Javascript (ES5 & ES6), Less (CSS), Jade (HTML)
Framework KeystoneJs (Mongoose, ExpressJs & NodeJs)
Tools GulpJs, Flow, Babel, Google Docs, Inkscape
Design Pattern Model View Controller, Facade (API)
Year 2015 ~ 2016
Repository Private

This project page showcases the workflow I designed when developing websites as a full stack developer. It does not focus on any website in particular.

Single Code Base

As a Full Stack developer, Javascript allows me to use one unified code base. From the development side, through the server side and to the client side all the scripting is made in Javascript. I will showcase the code architecture I would use for a website that shows articles (Model) on a page named Home (View).

A diagram of the three stages of the code: Development, Server & Client

As shown on this diagram we can divide the files into 3 different stages:

Multiple Micro-Services

The architecture presented before relies on the use of multiple micro-services. When in development stage the files are versioned on GitHub, then, when in server stage files are deployed from GitHub to Heroku which becomes the center of gravity of the micro-services.

The game is shown playing at speed 8x

The key of this architecture is to logically distribute roles between micro-services.

The double benefit of the scalability of this architecture is to be able to scale up or down as you go. The fees being gradual you should only pay what your application needs.