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Project PastaVoid
Type Rhythm Game
Platform Cross-platform (tested on Windows & OS X)
Team 4 Students
Background Keimyung University (South Korea)
Role Project Manager, Game Designer, Developer & Artistic Director
Inspiration Vectrex
Language Java
Framework Processing
Design Pattern Game Loop, State Machine
Year 2013
Repository github.com/poksme/PastaVoid

Musical Avoider

The game is shown playing at speed 8x Pastavoid is a musical avoider prototyped in Processing language and finalized in Java.

The player controls a white cube, the goal is to avoid the blue walls. When avoiding multiple walls in a row the player will be rewarded with a score multiplier represented as a particle effect around the cube. When touching a wall the player will be granted a period of invincibility but will loose some life and its combo multiplier.

The scrolling and walls are synchronized to the song tempo.

Levels are designed in JSON with 2 scripting degrees: bars and songs. This way bars can be reused multiple times in one song or in another song.

Each song must be scripted with informations such as